Welcome to Shanghai No.3 Girls’ Middle School.
I am proud to be part of that history and to both maintain the tradition of the school while at the same time being innovative and providing an education suitable for the 21st century....
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About Us
Shanghai No. 3 Girls’ Middle School is no ordinary school. Everything here is unique, exceptional, much loved and unashamedly tailored for girls.
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Shanghai No.3 Girls’ Middle School is part of a 120-year history, with McTyeire High School and St. Mary’s Hall as its twin predecessors....
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Whether as St. Mary’s Hall, McTyeire School or now as Shanghai No.3 Girls’ Middle School, the alumnae of the school have made considerable contributions to public life in many areas.
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The “Innovative Literacy Development Programmes” aim to cultivate students’ innovative accomplishment....
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